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“When we started planning our wedding in Venice, all we wanted was something simple and intimate. Just us.
I wanted this day to be all about me and my wife, no big fuss, no party, no nothing, just us getting married in a place we loved, just us sharing and enjoying our perfect day.
All we needed was a photographer that would capture these intimate moments, though we knew it would be impossible to have simple pictures telling our whole story. How wrong we were.
This is precisely what Mauro managed to do. Apart from the amazing pictures he took, each one of them perfectly capturing a special moment we shared, we could actually feel our story in them, and I believe that is a rare gift.
A few days after the wedding, which was just as we expected, we obviously felt a bit sad, remembering great moments that already seemed gone for ever… but when we received Mauro’s slideshow of a few pictures he took, the feeling we had watching that was incredible.
Through his art and gift, he made us relive every single moment, every little detail that we shared on this special day. In a few words, he provided us with a perfect and everlasting memory of our most beautiful day, one we’ll be able to not only watch, but relive again, and again, and again. And we’ll ever be grateful about that. We just expected great pictures, you gave us the perfect souvenir.
Thank you for this day which didn’t feel a single second like a shooting session, but was exactly what we had in mind, a walk in Venice here and there, holding hands, visiting, talking, laughing, drinking, celebrating as if it was just us… with an amazing and almost invisible artist to capture each and every moment we shared that day.
Absolutely no need to say how an amazing photographer you are, people will simply discover it by themselves. Just as we did!”

Wedding Photography in Venice

Please contact Mauro Pozzer for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

Info & Frequently asked questions

I live in Vicenza but very often I do photoshoots in Venice, where I have an office. By choice, I don’t perform more than 20 weddings a year. I am very keen to have a peaceful and fulfilled life and then be able to give the best to my clients through my work.

Yes, I do! I make photo shoots in all parts of the world together with my second photographer, and we are ready to accompany you wherever you want.

Yes, absolutely! My works include many different types of couple photo shoots, such as marriage proposals, engagement portraits, honeymoon sessions and more.

To satisfy the curiosity of the couple, within a few weeks of the wedding, I publish the most beautiful photos of the day on my website. For the delivery of all the material it will take from 4 to 8 weeks. It is possible to create a gallery with the best images of the wedding in a reserved area of my website so that relatives and friends can view and possibly download them.

In my work I always try to respect the personality of my spouses. Each couple is different as their marriage will be different! I move from the search for the most spontaneous expressions of emotions, captured by my attitude to reportage, to the most luxurious and elaborate fashion shots to make the bride and groom feel like superstars in their Wedding Photography in Venice.

I have been a professional wedding photographer since 1996. I love and know wedding photography. I control the times and coordinate the rhythms of the day, offering the bride and groom the service they want. Together with my partners I plan photography and videography in great detail so that the bride and groom can enjoy every moment of their day without worries. Our goal is to go beyond expectations, giving you back the best emotions you have experienced on the most important day of your life as a couple.

I never set a precise number of photos to be shot during a wedding, as there are many variables to count. Details, situations are always different; normally, the couple will receive at least 700 images. I also prepare a special selection of images, about 120-150, that allow me to narrate your story at best. These pictures have a more specific post-production, personally developed depending on the wedding.

The booking of the service needs you to sign a contract where all the agreement are written, and also a confirmation by a booking retainer of 30% of the total amount of the service. Through the sign of the contract and the first payment, your date will be fully reserved.

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Wedding shoot - Fashion and Elegant Wedding in Venice

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Every Wedding is important, so I want to know about you, your story and your plan to make your big day unique and unforgettable and have the best wedding photography in Venice.
Contact Wedding Photography in Venice to find out availability and to get your personalized proposal, I will reply in a very short time.

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Since your wedding day in Venice will be so special, so important, so uniquely yours, it is highly important for a couple to have the best possible memory of it, a photographic testimony that will be everlasting.


Therefore, carefully choosing the wedding photographer who will transmit the memory of your special day and of your personality with emotion and passion is one of the fundamental steps of the organization of a perfect Wedding.


Trust me as your Wedding Photographer in Venice… it will be an unforgettable experience and the City of Love will be the perfect background to express your Emotions during your Fairytale Wedding.


Contact me here: I’m Mauro Pozzer, your Wedding Photographer in Venice!

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