Hélène Salvadori Venice Wedding Planner

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Hélène Salvadori Venice Wedding planner

Born in France to a Venetian father and a French mother, she spent her childhood in Venice in a family of art historians. This is how she developed her deep interest in the city and the intimate knowledge she acquired of it.

After a year of study at Warwick University in England, and after earning a master’s in history at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, she worked at the French Consulate in Venice. She later became a tour guide and interpreter.

For eight years she has specialized as a Venice Wedding Planner and collaborates with important agencies, developing excellent contacts with institutions and service providers. In 2000 she obtained a city touristic driving license (www.aguideinvenice.com).

She loves traveling, cooking, contemporary dance and above all yoga. She often spent the winter in India practicing this ancient Hindu discipline. She is fluent in French and English.

Hélène Salvadori - Venice Wedding planner

Thanks to twenty-five years of experience working with Italian and foreign couples who have chosen to celebrate their wedding in Venice, we have learned the fundamental importance of providing a large amount of personalized services, in order to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, in addition to carefully choosing the photographer who will transmit the memory of your personality and your special day with empathy and discretion, one of the fundamental steps in organizing a wedding is planning it. In this regard, to help couples who get married in Venice, we also have a wedding planner service on site in order to better organize your wedding.
Hélène Salvadori - Venice Wedding Planner

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Every Wedding is important, so I want to know about you, your story and your plan to make your big day unique and unforgettable.
Contact Venice Wedding Planner to find out availability and to get your personalized proposal, I will reply in a very short time.

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Since your wedding day in Venice will be so special, so important, so uniquely yours, it is highly important for a couple to have the best possible memory of it, a photographic testimony that will be everlasting.


Therefore, carefully choosing the wedding photographer who will transmit the memory of your special day and of your personality with emotion and passion is one of the fundamental steps of the organization of a perfect Wedding.


Trust me as your Wedding Photographer in Venice… it will be an unforgettable experience and the City of Love will be the perfect background to express your Emotions during your Fairytale Wedding.


Contact me here: I’m Mauro Pozzer, your Wedding Photographer in Venice!

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