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Professional Photographer in Venice

I am Mauro Pozzer, an Italian Professional Photographer in Venice and for over two decades, I have dedicated myself to capturing the essence of weddings through my lens as a professional photographer based in Venice, Italy. Since 1996, I have been registered as a photographer, and my journey has been one fueled by passion for impeccable light, spontaneity, and the pursuit of perfect moments.

In my craft, I blend the disciplines of fashion and reportage photography to create a style that is both intentional and artful. My goal is clear: to provide you with the most exquisite photographs of your wedding day. This involves not only capturing the significant moments but also the subtle, beautiful expressions that unfold naturally. My approach is guided by a deep understanding of posing and composition, ensuring that every image tells a compelling story.

Having worked extensively in Venice over the years, I possess an intimate knowledge and love for this enchanting city. From its bustling, iconic landmarks to its quiet, hidden alleyways, I am adept at uncovering both the grandeur and the intimate charm that Venice offers. As your photographer, I will accompany you and your partner, exploring the city’s hidden treasures, ensuring that each photograph reflects the unique beauty and romance of Venice.

Whether your wedding is set against the backdrop of a grand, luxurious palace or aboard a gondola gliding along the majestic Grand Canal, I am committed to creating timeless images that capture the essence of your special day. Each wedding, whether civil, religious, or symbolic, presents a new canvas on which to craft unforgettable memories.

Beyond technical skill and artistic vision, my approach is characterized by a genuine passion for storytelling. I believe in capturing not just moments, but emotions—the laughter, tears, and joy that define your wedding day. My aim is to blend into the background, allowing you to experience your celebration fully while I preserve its magic through my lens.

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a deeply personal decision. It’s about finding someone who not only understands your vision but also connects with the emotions and significance of your day. With my years of experience and dedication to excellence, I strive to be that perfect choice for your wedding in Venice.

I invite you to reach out, to get to know each other better, and to explore how I can contribute to making your wedding day in Venice a truly unforgettable experience. Together, let’s create a visual narrative that reflects the beauty, elegance, and romance of your love story against the backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

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“I could not be anyting else but a photographer. My job is my passion – I am a full time photographer, and my life is strongly devoted to that. I think that Wedding Photography is a special genre because it contains in itself all kind of photography: fashion, reportage, portrait, still life… Moreover, I love meeting new people, new cultures, and travelling around the world. I love catching the most intimate expressions of emotions, though I always look for Fashion in my shots. My wish is to make the couples look at their best – therefore, I always study and practice on the arts of posing and of image composition, searching for the best natural light to make my couples shine”.
Professional Photographer in Venice

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Every Wedding is important, so I want to know about you, your story and your plan to make your big day unique and unforgettable.
Contact Professional Photographer in Venice to find out availability and to get your personalized proposal, I will reply in a very short time.

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Since your wedding day in Venice will be so special, so important, so uniquely yours, it is highly important for a couple to have the best possible memory of it, a photographic testimony that will be everlasting.


Therefore, carefully choosing the wedding photographer who will transmit the memory of your special day and of your personality with emotion and passion is one of the fundamental steps of the organization of a perfect Wedding.


Trust me as your Wedding Photographer in Venice… it will be an unforgettable experience and the City of Love will be the perfect background to express your Emotions during your Fairytale Wedding.


Contact me here: I’m Mauro Pozzer, your Wedding Photographer in Venice!

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